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Lorraine is a fashion designer with an instinctive feel for the right look. As a child she grew up in the mix of British, French and Creole influences in her native Dominica. Lorraine remembers the day her mother came back from traveling in Europe and among her eagerly awaited gifts was a book. It caught her mother's eye because of the title—“The House of Lorraine”—and Lorraine's evident interest in sewing. Although she could not fully understand the French text, the pictures and captions about an expensive couture house in France captured the imagination of the impressionable thirteen year old.

The seed was sown, and Lorraine simply pursued her dream when she came to Canada. She continued to immerse herself in fashion, first as a model and then expanding her repertoire through fashion schooling to also include colour coordination and fashion procedure. Lorraine mastered all the fundamentals and she brings that to her own fashion boutique. Her designs under the House of Lorraine brand have graced women of varied styles since 1976.

As one of Toronto's leading and well-established designers, Lorraine was the Fashion Editor for SPEAR Magazine, and a frequent fashion contributor to Caribbean Focus magazine. As a constant source of inspiration, Lorraine is always helping women achieve the right look.

Lorraine DelSol